How do Level 2 Security Team Leaders work?

As of January 15, 2015, the new “Leader Barracks” and “Leader Academy” buildings make it possible for you to train Level 2 Security Team Leaders.

To get started, first build your new Leader Barracks and Leader Academy.

Leader Academy - Allows you to “Research” Level 2 Security Teams (a Security Team researched to Level 2 will make it possible for you train Level 2 Leaders for that specific team)

Leader Barracks - Allows you to combine 2 Level 1 Leaders into one, more powerful Level 2 Leader

To train new Level 2 Leaders in your Leader Barracks, you’ll first need to collect two of the same Level 1 Leader, and keep them stored in your Warehouse.

Next, click on your Leader Barracks, click “Train”, then select the Level 2 Security Team of your choice to open the Level 2 Leader training menu:

If you have the two required Level 1 Leaders, click on the “Train” button. After training is complete, the new Level 2 Leader will replace the two Level 1 Leaders in your Warehouse.

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