What can I do about being attacked too much?

Below are some suggestions to take into account if you find yourself in such a situation:

  1. Find friends to fight with.
    - Reach out to some of your gaming friends for backup. If you’re both in the same region, you can work together and fight back.

    If you need help finding the attacker, open the battle history menu, find the attack(s), and click the “Find on Map” button. However, please note that if the attacker is unreachable or has moved to another region, the “Find on Map” button may not be available.

  2. Join a Clan or Alliance to help protect you.
    - Having trouble finding a Clan or Alliance that’s right for you? Feel free to the visit "clan-recruitment" channel within our official Discord Server ( to see what’s out there.

  3. Relocate your base to a different region.
    - To relocate your base, click on your Tactical Ops Center or Command Center and select the “Relocate Base” option.

  4. Acquire damage protection shields from expeditions or from the in game store.
    - For more information on damage protection, please view these articles: and


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