How does the new regional map work?

-Updated as of 9/26/13-

*All players with a Command Center level 3 or higher will have their base relocated to take part in battles in the 'Outlands Region'. You'll be placed in a random location, but you can use the 'Relocate Base' option to relocate. If you're part of an alliance, we suggest relocating near your fellow Alliance members for mutual support and cover courtesy of fellow Alliance member's Battalions.

*Build a 'Reserves Bay' to utilize Battalions and wage war on the new regional maps created from NASA's public domain photos of Mars.

*Control Battalions by using the 'Deployments' tab from your regional map menu. Clicking on 'Deployments' will allow you to view all your currently deployed Batallions. Click on any battalion in this tab to move the regional map to the deployment location. There are multiple ways to move a battalion. You may click on an outpost of interest on the regional map and then select “Call Battalion”, or you may click on the battalion itself and then select the destination on the regional map. You’ll notice a countdown informing you when the battalion will arrive at the selected destination.

*To attack a base, you must move your battalion adjacent to the base you’d like to attack. Then you’ll have the ability to select the base and click “Spy”.

*The 'Quarries' tab, also accessed from the regional map menu, allows you to view any quarries you currently own. Click on any quarry in this tab to move the regional map to the quarry location. Quarries are protected using battalions. Move a battalion to the location of a currently controlled quarry to guard it. 

*Select “Home” to move the regional map to your home base location. Click on your base in the map view and select “Enter Base” or use the “X” at the top right to close the map. Click “+” or “-” to zoom on the regional map, or use the scroll wheel on your mouse.

*Use the “Bookmarks” tab to save locations on the map. Save a bookmark by selecting a point of interest and click “Add Bookmark”.

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