How does repair / recycle work in the Battalions feature?

-Current as of 9/13/13-

At this time, all unit repairs in the Outlands map have to be activated from home base. As such, any battalions currently occupying a quarry will need to be sent home before any repairs can be initiated. You can only repair one battalion at a time, and if you want to reorder / prioritize your repairs, the best way to achieve this is to create a new battalion and add units you want repaired.

If you choose to disband a battalion, all units in it will be moved to your reserves. If you decide to cancel repairs on a particular batallion, the resources spent to initiate the repair will be sent back to your total resources. However, please note that it will only return the remaining resources needed for the rest of the repair process since when you cancel a repair, the health already added to your damaged battalion during the repair will remain.

If you want to delete / recycle units, you'll need to move them to your reserves before doing so.


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