How do I get in the Reserves Bay and Region Map beta?

September 4, 2013:

The "Reserves Bay" is a new feature allowing players to place units in an underground reserves area where they can be stored. While in the reserves area, they cannot defend or attack, nor can they be destroyed during an enemy attack on your base. 

For players in the "Outlands" region, reserves can also be organized into "Battalions", which can be deployed into a region map using the Map->Region option. On the Map, battalions can fight to conquer resource producing quarries or to fight AIs. Access to the Outlands region is currently in beta, with randomly invited players, and the invitations will expand until the Outlands region is available for the entire community as testing progresses. While in Outlands, the PvP Ladder and tournament features will be unavailable. 

Note: Only players who have received a random invite to the "Outlands" region and choose to change regions to "Outlands" are impacted by the beta test. 


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