What are the best ways to gather a lot of resources?

Here’s some tips to help you properly manage your resources:

1.) Protect Your Fuel & Supplies

Your most steady flow of resources will always be from your Water & Iron harvesters (Mars Frontier) / Fuel & Supply yards (Thunder Run). Collect from these as often as you can to ensure that you can keep stocking up. Upgrade them often, especially in the early stages of the game when your base is protected from being attacked. Before your protection runs out, make sure to build an array of walls, mortar emplacements, and other defensive buildings so that attackers will have a hard time stealing your resources. For added defense, use waypoints to send your units on active patrols around your resource depots.

2.) Play Single Player Battles

When you’re at your base, click the ‘Attack’ button found at the bottom left of your interface to bring up the attack menu. With the ‘Single Player’ tab selected, choose an opponent and click ‘Spy’ to plan your attack. When your units are deployed, target your opponent’s resource buildings.

3.) Play Multiplayer Battles

You can adopt the same strategy mentioned above in Multiplayer battles. To find a Multiplayer opponent, switch over to the ‘Multiplayer’ tab in the attack menu and click ‘Fight’. Not only can you steal much needed resources, but you’ll also earn yourself valuable PvP Ladder Points in the process!

Hopefully you find some of these tips useful!

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