What's the difference between auto and manual unit control?

In our games, we’ve included two separate modes of control for you to command your units: Auto and Manual. Auto is designed to be a more simple / easy to use control scheme, while Manual offers a more advanced experience similar to traditional real time strategy games. 

When starting your game, you’ll be set on Auto-mode by default, but you can change your control preference at any time by entering the settings menu found at the top of your game. If you want to change to manual controls, just click the ‘Manual’ option as highlighted in the screenshot below. Don’t forget to hit ‘Apply’ to save those changes.

Below we further explain the difference between these two modes:

Auto Unit Control

*When your units are deployed onto the battlefield, they will automatically pursue the closest enemy. 
*When moving towards a target, troops will automatically stop to shoot at enemies in range. If you double-click your intended target or destination, they will go straight there without stopping.

NOTE: Please note that when playing in auto controls, there may be instances where your units will attack barriers or the wrong buildings. You can work around this by using the double-click control mentioned above, but when you do this your units won’t defend themselves, and may die if there are enemies nearby. This is a known issue. 

Manual Unit Control

*When your troops are deployed onto the battlefield, they will NOT pursue enemies until you order them to do so.
*When moving towards a target, troops will NOT stop to fire at enemies unless ordered to do so.

Be sure to try out both control schemes to see which one better fits your playing style!

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