What are all the keyboard shortcuts?

Unit Control:

A - "attack move" 
Click on ground: move to clicked location, but stop to fire at any enemies within range.
Click on unit/building: shoot at this target. Will work on friendly units/buildings as well - be careful!

S - "hold position" (yellow circle under unit)
Stay in place, but shoot at any enemies that come within range. (units may still move around a little bit to avoid bumping into each other)

R - "relentless pursuit" (red circle under unit)
Pursue any enemy targets, no matter how far away they are.
This mode is cancelled if you give the unit a different movement destination.

P - "patrol"
Click anywhere to have the unit patrol back and forth along a path. Hold down SHIFT while clicking to create additional patrol waypoints. The unit will stop and fire at nearby enemies, then return to its patrol path. Works even in base defense while you are logged out.


Hold down SHIFT while giving movement or attack-move orders to create waypoints. Units will proceed to the next waypoint after reaching the location or killing the target you clicked. You can use this together with the "a" key to tell a unit to fire at several targets in order.

Control Groups

With units selected, press Ctrl-1,2,3,4,5 to assign the units to a control group. Then you can press the same number key to recall the selection. (this works exactly like most desktop RTS games such as StarCraft II).

User Interface:

Escape - Exit current dialog
Enter - Accept default (yellow) dialog button
/ - Open chat window

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