Damage Protection / why can't I attack someone?

Damage protection can be acquired in one of three ways:

1.) When first starting the game, you’ll automatically get a period of free damage protection.
2.) Purchasing ‘Shields’ from the ‘Store’ using alloy or gold (shields come in a variety of lengths ranging from 24 hours to 28 days).
3.) Your base may be randomly awarded Damage Protection after your base suffers an attack.

You will also be unable to attack another player if that player is currently logged in to the game. Please note that we do have some very dedicated players who play long hours. Before suspecting that they might be cheating in some way, try checking their base at different times during the day.

Furthermore, please note that for server performance reasons, the state of other players' bases is only updated when they log out. If you are viewing a player's base while the base owner is at home, you are not seeing the immediate, up to date repair status of their buildings and units - you are seeing what they saw the moment they logged in.

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