What is the Chat Abuse policy?

To help us create a pleasant and fair game community for all ages, please follow our rules for game chat:

  1. No excessive swearing, name-calling, or other inappropriate language.
    • "Excessive" swearing includes, but is not limited to, repeated use of anything the in-game chat filter censors as ***, especially if directed to insult another player or group of players.
      • (Attempts to fool the chat filter by inserting spaces, commas, etc do not work, and will still receive violations.)
    • Words censored by the in-game chat filter that are not directed towards anyone in particular may, at the discretion of the Customer Support team, be ignored or given a "warning" instead of a full infraction. 
    • Innocent non-vulgar "trash talk" directed at others may be ignored or given a "warning," unless the insults are excessive and frequent.
  2. No offensive messages (sexist, racist, sexual comments, or offensive comments about sexual orientation, religion, or nationality).
    • A general guideline to follow if you’re unsure what might be considered “offensive”: If a young teenager were playing the game and their parents saw the chat screen, would they be upset and want the child to stop playing? If yes, then it will likely be a violation.
  3. No "spamming" chat with nonsense/junk messages.
  4. No sharing personally identifiable information about another player also referred to as "doxing" (ex. sharing real full names, addresses, phone numbers, or places of work).
    • For this offense in particular, a player will have all of their game accounts banned without warning if deemed appropriate by a moderator.
    • Players will be banned whether or not information being shared is "legitimate".
  5. Clan recruitment messages are OK, as long as they are limited to no more than one repeat per six hours.

All reports of chat abuse are first reviewed by our Customer Support team, and if confirmed, will result in the following punishments:

  • 1st Offense: Warning
  • 2nd Offense: Warning + 24 Hour Chat Mute
  • 3rd Offense: Warning + 48 Hour Chat Mute
  • 4th Offense: Warning + 72 Hour Chat Mute
  • Any further offenses: Permanent Chat Mute

NOTE 1: This policy is enforced only in public chat rooms: Global and Region. You may say whatever you want in private Clan chat rooms.

NOTE 2: Warnings and chat mutes received on one account may also carry over to any alt accounts that you currently have, or may create in the future.

Updated 2021 March 17th.

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