What is the Multiple Account ("Alt" account) policy?

For games on

"Alt" accounts are strictly not allowed on Users agree NOT to have more than one Battlehouse account at any given time, and shall not create a second account using a false identity or on behalf of someone other than yourself.

Players in violation of this policy will receive disciplinary action in-game. Alternate accounts may be permanently blocked without notice, though access to one primary account may be retained at the discretion of the Battlehouse Customer Support Team contingent upon a commitment to create no further accounts in the future. Additional violations may result in a permanent ban from

For games on Facebook:

"Alt" accounts are tolerated in our Facebook games except in map regions that have enforced anti-alt policies, as shown on the "Relocate Base" menu. (Days of Valor: all maps; Thunder Run: Maps 60x; War Star Empire: Maps 20x; Mars Frontier: Lowlands 1; Battlefront Mars: Maps 60x*).

Note, however, that having more than one game account in Facebook requires also having more than one Facebook account, which is a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service. Players who maintain multiple Facebook accounts therefore run the risk of being reported and banned by Facebook staff. is not responsible for enforcement of Facebook's Terms of Service and cannot assist with these issues.

How to report violations of this policy:

When reporting multiple-account abusers, we ask that all our players use the following procedure: gather as much evidence as possible. It is essential you send Player IDs as well as further information such as screenshots, links to profiles, clan associations etc. - and then send all of your collected information through to our Customer Support team using the "Contact Support" button in-game.

We carefully review all of these reports, and sometimes this can take a some time. We ask for your patience as we assess your claim.

Please note, we may be unable to tell you the outcome of our investigations, as it may violate the privacy of our users.

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