What is the Anti-Hacking / Cheating policy?

Our games are multi-player, competitive games and we work hard to create a cheat-free environment for all players.

Tampering with game code ("hacking") is against our Terms of Service.

Also, using any program, script, or browser plugin to "play" the game automatically while you are not operating the computer with your own hands, or to stay logged in while you are not at the computer, is also against our Terms of Service. (This is sometimes called "refresh cheating", "botting", or "auto-clicking").

Additionally, using any program, script, or plugin to tamper with or falsify your computer's clock time while playing our games is against our Terms of Service.

We have security code that detects when these rules are broken.

If you're in doubt about any particular activity, please feel free to submit a Customer Support ticket and provide as much detail about the issue possible. If possible, take a screenshot of the suspicious activity to submit with your ticket to help speed along the investigation.

A player who violates the Terms of Service may have their account locked out or banned from the game. Bans are permanent - a player who attempts to hack the game is throwing their account away forever.

NOTE: If you see any "cheat" or "hack" websites and/or programs linked via any of our social channels (forums, Facebook, or in game chat), we strongly advise that you NOT click or download anything. Most of these claimed "programs" are actually scams that spread computer viruses designed to steal personal information from you such as credit card info and/or Facebook login information.

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