Why does my game keep getting disconnected? - Explanation of Network Error Codes

When playing our games, you may occasionally experience connection issues or error pop-ups that will notify that you’ve been disconnected from the game. We understand that connection issues can be quite frustrating, and when they occur they may not necessarily be because our servers are down. 

For tips on how to fix connection issues, see this link.

Explanation of network error code numbers:

0620, 0630, and 0649 -- HTTP transmission failures. Often occurs due to wi-fi connection drops or weak 3G signals. Can usually be fixed by switching to a wired network, or finding a place with better signal reception.

0643 -- WebSocket connection failure. May occur when you are using a VPN, proxy, or browser plugin that does not properly support WebSockets technology.

0650 -- Facebook interface failure. Sometimes happens because of a mis-configured ad blocker or anti-tracking plugin that blocks requests to For details on how to fix this, see this link.


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